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About us: The Research Team

The research team involved in developing and running the Intergenerational Evaluation Project included the following people:

Helen Creese
KITE Research Project Officer: Helen is a Social Worker with a background working in the disabilities field. She has also completed a Graduate Diploma of Social Research. Helen has managed the onsite activities of the research program since March 2011, which included researching and developing program ideas. She has written the Resource Guide and website content based on her experience running the KITE program.

Julie Rimes
Research Project Manager: Dr Julie Rimes is the Director of the Collegiate Institute. The Collegiate Institute for Professional Learning, Research and Innovation is a centre of excellence for the professional development of teachers, applied educational research and the promotion of innovative learning practices. Julie has worked with the key researchers and participants to bring the project to successful fulfilment.

Roya Pugh and Bevis Yaxley
Researchers: Dr Roya Pugh and Dr Bevis Yaxley have very extensive local, national and international research experience, and are held in high esteem by the educational community. They have performed key roles in many significant evaluative projects and consultancies, together and individually, in primary, secondary, college and tertiary education, in adult education, in workplaces and in health services as well as for Federal and State Governments, UNESCO, and the World Bank. They have presented many research papers at national and international conferences and have represented Australia internationally.

Dr Pugh and Dr Yaxley currently hold adjunct appointments at Curtin University to supervise PhD, Master by Research (Science Education) and Master of Philosophy. Their candidates pursue a diversity of challenging research questions.

Melanie Hilder
Director, Early Learning Centre: Melanie has a Child Care Diploma and is currently completing a Bachelor of Education. She has worked in the Child Care Industry for the last 18 years.  She is the Director of St Michael’s Collegiate Early Learning Centres (Angelsea and Kingston).  Melanie is a passionate believer in the benefits that Intergenerational Programs have in a child’s development.

Bronwyn Riley
Site Manager, OneCare Bishop Davies Court: Bronwyn has completed qualifications in Human Resources.  She is the Manager of the OneCare Bishop Davies Court residential Aged Care Facility at Kingston, catering for 40 Low Care and 57 High Care residents.  Bronwyn can see the daily benefits of the Intergenerational Program in the lives of the residents of the facility and is a strong advocate for Intergenerational Programs in Aged Care Settings.  Uniquely, Bronwyn has 2 young children who attend the ELC and are part of the program.

Robyn Kronenberg
Principal, St Michael’s Collegiate: Robyn has been involved in education for over 30 years as a Classroom Teacher, Integration Teacher, Head of Middle School, Deputy Principal and Principal. She is a strong supporter of the education of girls in girls’ schools and is the National President of the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia. She is passionate about the KITE program and the positive outcomes that can be achieved for both the children and the elders.