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History: The formation of the project

St Michael’s Collegiate Early Learning Centre at Kingston came about as a result of a meeting of the Anglican Services in Hobart. The OneCare Aged Care Facility management team identified a need for staff to have access to childcare services locally. OneCare approached St Michael’s Collegiate School to discuss the idea of placing an Early Learning Centre in Kingston on the OneCare site at Bishop Davies Court.

The Early Learning Centre was created at Bishop Davies Court. The Tasmanian Education Department proposed the idea of bringing the children and the elderly together in play activities to establish an intergenerational project. Activities began. Funding was sought to research and better understand the possible benefits of an intergenerational project. The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation provided funds for evaluative research for two years.

The research resulted in the publication of The KITE Story: An evaluative study of an intergenerational project, the Resource Guide and the KITE website. Our commitment was to assist other agencies in regional Australia to create similar intergenerational projects.

The KITE program has been in place for two years. A variety of different activities have been trialled in order to identify the most appropriate activities to bring the old and young together in a meaningful way.

The information contained on this website is a result of the learning and development achieved in the last two years.

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