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Section One Planning headingPLANNING
Provides information to help you think about whether you want to run an Intergenerational Program and the initial steps you will need to take in order to make it happen.
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Section One Planning headingPREPARATION
The things you need to understand and do prior to implementing your Intergenerational program. This will give your program a good base point to develop from.
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Section One Planning headingIMPLEMENTATION
Provides you with information on the things that you will need to do before you can run the Intergenerational activity sessions.
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Section One Planning headingACTIVITIES
This section is designed to introduce you to the types of activities and the resources you will need to engage children with the elderly.
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Setting up an Intergenerational Care Program
This online resource identifies strategies for implementing and running an intergenerational program between a Child Care Centre and an Aged Care Facility. This website is a result of an 18 month study of an Intergenerational Care Program run between St Michael's Collegiate Early Learning Centre, Kingston, Tasmania and OneCare's Aged Care Facility, Bishop Davies Court, Kingston, Tasmania. We hope the valuable information provided here will help you to set up your own program.

Some of the most important things we have learnt in organising an Intergenerational Program are:

  • To have management and staff support from both centres.
  • To have clear communication between both centres.
  • To have a point of contact within each centre for organising activities.
  • To be flexible and adaptable.
  • To enjoy the process of the interaction.

And most important of all is to HAVE FUN.

The KITE project has been made possible through the collaboration of OneCare and St Michael’s Collegiate School and the financial support and encouragement from the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation.

The KITE research team would like to acknowledge the commitment and participation of the residents of OneCare’s Bishop Davies Court in the program. Without the input of these wonderfully interesting and caring individuals the program would not have been the success it is. We would also like to thank the children of the St Michael’s Collegiate Early Learning Centre for their enthusiasm and willingness to participate and have fun each week.

The information within this website is the result of the learning and development achieved in the KITE program over the last two years.

© 2012. Based on a formative evaluation of an Intergenerational Care Program conducted by St Michael's Collegiate and OneCare Limited
in conjunction with the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation.